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About Us
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Our Restaurant:
Welcome to Phobulous. Here you will find the opportunity to sample the diverse and intricate cuisine of Vietnam. The Vietnamese cuisine has been influenced, throughout history, by different ingredients and cooking techniques, it incorporates Southeastern Asia and the West, particularly the French. The following menu items was chosen, because the dishes embody the spirit and charm that gave Vietnam it's large and rich culinary repertoire.

Ultimately we want you to enjoy our treasured foods in a modern atmosphere.

Before you leave, experience a taste that you won't find anywhere else "Weasel Coffee" also known as the best tasting coffee in the world. These coffee beans are only available from the central highlands of Vietnam.

If there are any allergy concerns please notify our server and we will gladly accommodate any requests.

"Tell me what you eat I will tell you what you are"
                                                              Brillant - Savarin

We are also Celiac friendly